Saturday, June 23, 2012

An afternoon at Lakeside

We've been in Seattle for a little over a week now and have really been enjoying our visit. Nana and Papa spent the week up at Lakeside bible camp for the the 50's plus camp, so we headed up on wed to spend the day visiting and stay for the delightful salmon bake. It was a beautiful day so the ferry ride was perfect, and we were able to enjoy all the outdoor camp activities. Logan's highlight was fishing off of the pier with Papa and playing in the giant sand box (volleyball court) with his new friends. Madeline enjoyed the playground and especially the extremely fast slides ;)
Being up at camp again and seeing how the kids loved it gave me the excitement of looking forward to being able to go as a family one day when we move back home. LBC holds such a special place in our hearts and I look forward to being able to get back involved with it someday.  

 Enjoying a beautiful ride to Whidbey Island
 checking out the front deck of the ferry
 What fun it was to see them in there possible future camp bunk :) Logan can't wait till he he can go to jr. boys camp.
 Papa and Logan with the first rainbow fish catch of the day
 The proud little fisherman
 a fun day includes feathers and fishing net
 The playground was a big hit, especially the slides :) the slides were slick so you had to be waiting at the bottom or she would keep flying after reaching the bottom.
 Having fun on the swings with Nana


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