Thursday, May 24, 2012

A smoothie morning

Life has been pretty full lately, things like managing the hot weather, kids, different schools Scott's been doing, and getting him ready for his trip  keeps a person busy. I can get pretty cranky with the heat but the kids have enjoyed the water table, sprinkler and pool. This week we have been on the down low with coughs and fevers. Last night about mid night I woke up to find a hot little body on either side of me. It was a long night, but Scott and I enjoyed rolling over and kissing their sweet little soft hot cheeks all night :)
Lately I have found smoothies to be the only way to get decent nutrients into my littlest picky eater. Logan enjoyed them too as long as he doesn't know what's in them. So with appetites low plus not feeling good it was definitely a smoothie morning.

Components of Smoothie:
all natural yogurt
spinach leaves
blueberries...(disguises the spinach with the purplish color :)
while organic milk
 Thing one
 Thing two
 And of course breakfast would not be complete for a tired mommy with out a morning cup of coffee while dreaming of my upcoming trip :)

1 comment:

joanna said...

Wow you could put that smoothie in a magazine.:) Poor little things. and poor mommy!! Can't wait to see you :)