Thursday, March 22, 2012

A monster paty for my little monster

So I realized that I had not posted this yet, I've been waiting because I wanted to creatively write out the story of the party and put into detail the fun events of the day; as you can see that has not happened yet, so here are some pictures and a few words, this way you can at least get the idea of what his special day was like before months passed by. It was Monster themed and I had a lot of fun creating things that had to do with monsters :)

The front door welcome sign
the table and food
And below; I can't get it the pictures spaced to get the words written, is a close up of the little hanging monsters that were through out the house.
(yarn pom poms with googly eyes and pipe cleaner arms)
Peanut butter and jelly monster sandwiches for the kiddos
The monster cake
It ended up looking a little different than the picture I got it from, but Logan loved it and that's what I always need to keep in mind and aim for, not how perfect I can make it, but that it makes my cutie pie happy.
My cake making helper
The entry table
the glowing monster garland Logan helped make
Popcorn ball monster favors
The create a monster mask table
The little monsters themselves
This was really the first party I've had for him that has had more than one person come, it was a lot of fun, and even though there were not a tons of kids they had a great time playing, eating, and crafting with the masks. My little boys growing up!

Sibbling Sweetness

I love the sweetness between these two sibling, don't get me wrong, there are PLENTY of times they do not act like this, but I just love the moments that they do! Logan is always anxious to go get her in the mornings and is gentle and sweet during bed time and has to come in and say prayers with her and give kisses. "Good night my precious sweetyheart" as he kisses her good night, "O my sister would LOVE this" as he see's something pretty, pink or ruffly, and "Thank you that I love my sister" as he prayers are some of my favorite phrases he says about his sister. As brother and sister they already (and more will come later) have fights, cause tears, say mean things, and not like the other at different times, but through all of those time I know they love each other and it makes me appreciate those loving moments all the more. I love me two sweet little ones and and am so thankful they have each other to love and have fun with, It's exciting and special to see them grow up together.

I think i need to frame this one!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slides and Books

Nana and papa sent this slide for Madeline's birthday and it has been great fun for both kids. They go up and down and up and down all day long. I was going to put it downstairs where there is more room, but for now i'll take the ongoing entertainment and keep it in the middle of the living room :)

On another note, it's been warm here, about 80 today :), so this morning while getting Maddie dressed I was excited to put her in this new little romper for the first time. I've been slowly purchasing summer clothes for both kids as I find them, and this was one of the sweet things I found at the consignment store :) i'm getting excited to be able to use them all!

She loves the slides at the park so to have on in the comfort of her living room is great. stairs at the park are generally a little deeper so she can get up them easier, but she's getting pretty good at climbing these by her herself. Sometimes she just likes to stand at the top which makes mommy a little nervous.

As you can tell, she's having a little fun
Book time
If one is in the chair reading the other has to join in the fun!
Goodnight Zoo is quite entertaining :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My darling little girl has turned two; I can hardly believe it, she's getting big so fast! I get a little sad that my little baby growing up, but into such a fun little person I have to say and I'm loving that. Her little personality is strong and she has a mind of her own :)
At her two year check up she did great! her stats are...
Height: 37in - over the 90th percentile :)
Weight: 31lbs - 90th percentile
Head: 471/2 in- 90th percentile
shoe size: 7 1/2
that's my girl :)
The pictures are a little of order, but they about sum up her sweet little birthday!
Enjoying her birthday cake
A new slide from papa and nana
Logan helped make the butterfly cake
Birthday morning
Decorations included pink pom poms, balloons, and banner
(We could have replaced her presents with balloons and she would have been just as thrilled, she loved waking up and walking out to see a room full of balloons)
Happy Birthday!
Her new tea pot from Logan, she likes to bypass the cup and drink straight from the tea pot :) it's pretty funny!
Enjoying the new kitchen, it's providing great entertainment and I'm loving it!
Happy face :)
Birthday Breakfast, Mandrain oranges and dutch babies