Saturday, February 25, 2012


My sweet little boy turned five! He rang in the new age with a cold and ear infection poor boy! despite not feeling one hundred percent we had hot chocolate and cheerios for breakfast and off to school we went. With it being teacher appreciation day, picture day, plus Logan bringing cupcakes for everyone, I had him tough it out for a bit. When I came back after lunch to pick him up early he didn't want to go anywhere, so home I went to get more done for his party. After school he spent some time sleeping on the couch and watching something special, but once daddy got home he perked right up (daddy's work schedule has been really busy lately with some serious training hours so he was not able to get home early:( ) and he knew when daddy came home it was time for presents. After that we enjoyed a birthday dinner consisting of grilled cheese and tator tots, with tomato soup on the side for mommy and daddy. once dinner was over we sang happy birthday to our sweet boy and ate ice cream and a cupcake!
It feels strange to have a five year old, somehow it seems so much older than four. It's a big milestone and hard to believe were there.
We love you so much and you have been such a joy and blessing in our lives the past five years.
I hope you enjoyed your special day!

Pictures of his party coming soon...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The breathing mask

Over the last few months our sweet Madeline has had one thing after another that has had us visiting the Dr. office frequently. It's been pretty frustrating and sad to see my baby not feeling good. It's either been an ear infection, strep, some other bacteria that mimics strep, or upper respiratory infection.
Two weeks ago I took her in again, she was already on antibiotics from the week prior but she started coughing and it was getting worse. Valentines day was miserable for her, she could hardly catch her breath. She was coughing so hard and long she was turning red gagging and throwing up. I got her in the next day and right there in the office she started breathing treatments. She had some restriction in her lungs and was wheezing :( I've never even seen a breathing machine so when it was brought in I quietly freaked out. Having a mask held to your mouth with steam blowing into the face less than calming for Madeline. It made me cry to have her restricted to my lap screaming and crying not knowing what was going on. We had to go through two ten minute sessions. We got the hang of it :) and we were to keep it up for the next week every three to four hours a day. Madeline became a little champion with it. I was so proud at how well she handled her new mask. She would just sit there in my lap snuggling each time, it was really sweet :)
I took her in for her follow up last week and her lungs sounded great! praise the Lord! Her ears however have not gotten better and are looking worse :( so we get to pick up another antibiotic to go with the one she's currently on :( I hate having her on medicine but those ears need to heal before they rupture, and if they're not better by her follow up next week we''ll be going to see a ENT dr. Here are a few pictures of my little champ with her mask.
There's a little smile behind the mask in this one.
Logan wanted in on on and of course in true Logan fashion was adorned with some kind of mask :) (this one was from his birthday, I'll get that post up soon)
sweet coudle time with my girl!