Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas family and friends!

We were able to be home for Christmas this year and we made the most of spending time with family, friends and having fun. Because Scott was originally supposed to be deployed over the holidays, we used his leave earlier in the year for family time, so because of that he was only able to scrape up a week to be in Seattle with us. It was a busy week especially with Christmas during the only weekend he was there, but I'm so thankful he was us and can't complain. We enjoyed being with family and although there was a power outage Christmas day, which meant no Christmas ham and potatoes, we had fun with candles, headlamps, snack foods, pies and a lot of little kid giggles :)

I only snapped a few picture so these are only a few friends we visited with.
Litlle miss Audrey with Logan Megan and Abigail

Georgie girl and Maddie girl watching out for the neighbor dogs, a highlight of any day for sweet little ones:)
Since Georgiana and her daddy made a donut run before our arrival we all enjoyed the perfect sweet morning snack.
Logan and Mia, friends from their newborn and play date days and I have been blessed with her mommies friendship since. We had a wonderful morning meet up at U Village, they played throughout the Land of Nod store (one of my favorites I've discovered) and had fun climbing on the toys provided at the outdoor play area. Little Clara standing by watching the good bye friendship hug :)
Christmas day:
the pictures are a little out of order but it all in the same day!
Madeline enjoyed opening her gifts but was equally happy to play with the boxes and paper, unfortunately this is one of the only shots I got of her darling poofy Christmas dress.

Morning breakfast in Christmas jammies

After the Christmas bussel was over, we headed up to the snow for a day of cold fingers, pink noses, sledding, and some hot chocolate

Madeline didn't want much to do with the sled, but these three loved being pulled by Uncle Ben

Megan and Madeline not quite sure what to think of being so bundled up
Since we were not able to be at the dedication ceremony this past summer at Lakeside, we took the ferry over to the Island and as a family to visited Luke's Wall. It was a visit full of different emotions, but I'm glad we were able to finally see it together.
Both kids have now officially climbed on the wall :) Luke would be proud!

Before Christmas my mom and us girls enjoyed a day in Seattle. We shopped, ate lunch, laughed and had a great time. I love the city and even more so during the Christmas season. The decorations, music, festivities, I was happy :)
We also walked though the Gingerbread house display at the Sheraton hotel, it was really neat to see the creativity and size of the individual houses.
We also enjoyed a walk though the Bellevue botanical gardens, before hand we attempted to see snow flake lane down town Bellevue. We were twenty five percent successful,We were a part of the crowd, but could see almost nothing. Logan enjoyed himself thoroughly though, he had no idea of all the other things he was supposed to see :) the music and snowflake lights displayed on the buildings were his favorite part.