Thursday, December 8, 2011


Looking back on Christmas growing up I have fond memories of advent. I remember different calenders my grandma would send for us kids; some of them had chocolate in them, some would have ornaments, and some would just have flaps you open with pictures inside.
Other years we would use a fabric wall hanging my mom made with pockets filled with, if I am remembering correctly an ornament of the object we would read about. It was a fun special time and something I want to continue with for my family.
Up till now our family has not really done advent, so I wanted this year to be different. I did not get things done in time to have a specific advent tradition for our family so we are reading a simple children's advent book with a picture flap for every day. I keep seeing these wonderful advent calenders friends have made and think "I wish I had done something like that", but I have to remind myself that my kids are still little and I have plenty of time for that to happen :) and most importantly, that it's not what the calender looks like but that we are sitting down as a family reading the Christmas story and teaching our children what we believe. To Logan and Madeline, a simple flap book is exciting and something to look forward to every day, and those are the memories I want them to remember :) Maybe next year I will make something special for our family, but for now we are having fun with flaps and pictures.
Just thought this post needed a cute photo to make it complete :)