Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jelly Beans

A game Logan like to play with daddy is, what's in my ear? usually it's little jelly belly's (when Scott has them around he'll bring up the game)
This afternoon we were all hanging out in Logan's room, Madeline was reading books, I was being lazy on his bed, and Scott and Logan were showing off their wrestling moves.

Logan rolled over close to me and gave me an up close look at his nose, I said jokingly, "ooh, you have a bugger in your nose" and this was the conversation that followed...

Logan: "daddy, are there any jelly beans in my ear?"

Scott checked and pretended to eat one (because there were no beans any where)
Daddy: "sorry Logan, there aren't any more"

Logan walks over to the bed and asks...quite seriously I might add...
Logan: :"mommy, when are they going to grow?"

I tried very hard to contain my laughter, he was genuinely asking when his ears were going to grow jelly beans :) he just didn't quite understand that it was all a fun game, I love the innocence of little children.

On a side note, Scott came back last night from another month of training out of state, this has made him gone for pretty much most of the summer. We've had little breaks here and there (a weekend or a week and a half) in between different training events, but it's given me an idea of what deployments might look like. Thanks to the Irene he came home a day early, it's not much but I was in heaven having him home. I still am, we are having a great time hanging out and the kids could not be having a better time playing with him.

Anyway, I had to share this story of Logan, but now it's back to the fam and out starting the bbq.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another year of preschool

Today preschool started for me sweet four year old. After many tears and "mommy I want to go home"'s he kissed me good bye and gladly sat in his seat at the table and started coloring. I'm so excited for him to have this opportunity. We has been on a wait list and I didn't think he would get in time, but last week we got the call that there was a spot :) so he's only missed a week. He'll go two day's a week for five hours! It's going to be so different to just have one baby in the house those mornings. So far it's been supper quiet, but I'm looking forward to spending one on one time with Madeline.

Here's the cutest preschooler of the class :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

captivate your thoughts

these past few weeks have been pretty challenging. There has been one thing after another to test my patience and my sanity. With Scott's ever changing schedule, kids on an emotional roller coaster ride and just life being unpredictable right now, the silliest thing can get the best of me. This week I it has been discontentment, boy is that an evil one. Between going to the Dr. and seeing that my clothes not fitting is a legit issue, complements of the scale, being tired of the on and off single parenting, complements of the military, and just not being able to come up with ideas and being able to finishing the house decorating, I've really has a hard time keep my focus on what it should be. Instead, I've been dwelling on what I think would make my life better, for example, a bigger house, nice furniture, having family weekend excursions, and a flawless in shape body.
Just the other day a dear friend of mine sent me a devotion on taking your thoughts captive, looking at situations in a different light (finding the positive), and not letting earthly things be my idol. So all this to say my week has taken a turn for the better! I am really working on taking every thought captive and not let it control my life. It sound so easy, but it is a lot of work, I am so thankful for friends who love and encourage when time are tough.

To make this post a little more interesting, here is a picture from our trip to Colorado Springs just a few weeks ago. There will be more to follow...

Madeline and Logan sitting on top of Pikes Peak

Friday, August 5, 2011

Maddie Girl

I love walking into a room and being met with smiles and squeals of delight! You can't help but be in a better mood after snuggling with this happy girl!

I finally set the mattress to the lowest level!

no climbing out for now little one...

A new look

My little chalk artist :) He was very proud of my portait

My picture in chalk form

I love little kids creativity and proportions