Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daddy time

With Scott home after being gone for a few weeks we were all excited to spend time with him. Logan was very happy to have his Daddy home and quickly reminded him that he said they would go camping when he came home. Although he did not mean right away, but when it got warmer, that evening he set up a tent and fire for a back deck camp out. I was a little jealous but when I hear Logan say "this is the best vacation ever daddy!" I was happy for there special time :)

Experimenting with a slow shudder speed and sitting still

At least I got to join in and enjoy a smore

building the fire

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Turning 28

Last Thursday I turned 28! Although Scott had to be gone and could not celebrate with me Logan did a good job at making me feel special.

I woke up to an excited "mommy....it's your party day!" so with that i decided we would go have some fun and eat pancakes at I Hop. I've never taken both kids to a restaurant by myself before, so I was a little nervous, but it went great.

After breakfast we went and picked up some cupcakes for later. There is a really cute cupcake store that I've been wanting to go to, so we tried it out.

After that was home and nap time for Maddie, and sidewalk chalk for Logan.

Lunch came next, then off to the park for some fun!

Later that day after dinner and putting Maddie to bed, we opened up the cupcake box and indulged ourselves :) that was one fantastic cupcake, a bit rich but sooo good.

All in all it was a pretty good day. Here is a recap in pictures.

Pancakes at I Hop

A Tiffany's something cupcake for me, and an Andie's mint delight for LoganMy chocolate cupcake with fudge swirls topped with Tiffany blue butter cream frosting with little silver beads. Mmmmm, that things was so good

Swinging fun

We have discovered we love to swing! I'm sure she could sit there happily forever but there are only two baby swings at the park so unfortunately we have to share. Her giggles and smiles as she goes back and forth just crack me up, she gets so excited, and when I say "yay Maddie!", or "good job baby girl!" she she tries to clap for herself and that makes me smile all the more.

blurry, but I Love this one!

trying to clap for herself

happy to be swinging

wide eyed excitement

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to the two most wonderful mothers in my life.

it's a bitter sweet day for me, I love celebrating the life's of these amazing women, I am so thankful for the relationship I have with my mom and that we can talk and visit and I can call her for mo reason :), but I am saddened that my time with Karen was cut short.

My relationship with her was special, she was so much more that a mother in law. I miss her smile and welcome hugs when I walked through the door, our shopping trips, and conversations. She is the much love mom to Scott and missed grandma to Logan and Maddie. Although I know in God's eyes her time was NOT cut short but just right, we miss her like crazy and look forward to seeing again one day! I am so thankful for the time I was able to spend with her, how she impacted me life and raised Scott to be the man that he is.

Both these ladies are amazing women and I'm glad I am and was a part the their lives.

I love mothers day also because I get to celebrate being the mommy of these two beautiful and awesome kids. Being a parent has changed my life forever. Although I don't always like the changes and thought it's the most wonderful, challenging painful role, I would not give it up being these little ones mother. I am so thankful they have been given to me.

I love you mom, Karen, Logan and Maddie, thanks for being my loving moms and most wonderful kids.
Happy Mothers Day as well to all my beautiful mommy friends out there, For many of you it's your first one holding a your little one in your arms, have a wonderful day and enjoy your sweet one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Date night with Jillian

My pants are only getting tighter (I'm not kidding) and these are the pants I bought last summer after having Madeline, so for many reasons I have created date night with Jillian, or I guess I should say....date nightS, there will be many.

I tested it out a few weeks ago and o my word my body has never been so sore all over before! It hurt to think about moving, and when you have a little ones who need you bending over, playing on the floor and lifting things, I was in a constant ough.. aw...ouch, state of living. It was a good feeling knowing it HAD to be working, but I was intimidated by the long lasting soreness that my motivation failed me.

Scott is gone right now and that's when I typically eat badly, so I figured this was a good time to break that bad habit and start doing something productive with my evenings. I'm looking forward to a seeing a difference and gaining a little more self confidence back.

Here we go....

Sunday, May 1, 2011

belated birthday post

My baby girl's 1

When we got our orders to leave Ft Bragg we decided to celebrate Maddie's first birthday a little early. It was a last minute affair as we did not have a lot of notice, so the night before there was a lot of crafting going on. All in all it turned out pretty well! We wanted to celebrate with friends and it ended up being the last time we were all together before moving to different parts of the country the following weekend.

It was a fun day!

Maddie eating her cupcake
thanks everyone for my presents

Madeline and buddy Jonathan

(my good friend from collage drove over from charlotte NC)

party decorations

guest favors
(homemade pink popcorn balls)

Butterfly cupcakes,

(I forgot the little antena things, o well)

Table and birthday girl's seat

That's all for the early birthday...


Birthday day...

playing with new activity table

My new doll from Aunt Amanda and family :)

Rain boots from Aunt Joanna, I can't wait for them to fit

Present stash from family in Wa

Mommy..... Please no more pictures!

unposed pose :)

Sweet face

For her actual birthday since we had just moved in and were living amongs boxes we had lunch at the olive garden and a pink cake donut with a candle at home.