Thursday, April 28, 2011

A pink dress and blue argyle

Easter is a wonderful day, celebrating the Resurrection of our savior, spending time with family, eating a lovely meal, dressing your little ones in sweet outfits, and seeing the delight on your child's face when they look inside their Easter basket.

I love holidays with little ones, their sweetness and joy for little things make all the work worthwhile.

Having Scott gone for the last two Easters it was great to have him be a part of this special day with the kiddos. He got to hide and seek his first egg hunt with Logan, and see Maddie pull apart her first Easter basket, (she didn't have one last year)

It was a low key day, church, a nap for everyone while mommy cooked, ham-scalloped potatoes-corn on the cob-dinner rolls-and strawberry short cake for dinner and dessert, a skype visit with the family get together back home, bed time for a cranky little girl, and an egg hunt for an excited boy.

Over the last few years this day's been spent with family and friends, it was a little different being alone, but it was nice to be together as a family and finally start these memories with Logan and Maddie

several attempt at getting both to smile and look at the same time

My sweet Maddie girl dressed in pink

Scott was all smiles watching his little boys excitment

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little taste of window

Since Madeline quite often sits on the inside watching Logan play on the deck it didn't take her long to discover the cold smooth feeling of her little tongue in the window. Now I not only have to worry about the windows being clean for looks but also for the health of her little self.

Testing it out...
The verdict is in, she likes it...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, our first tornado weather experience is over! I think the weather was sensing my feelings that day, It was Scott's first day back after 40 days of leave. I was less than thrilled to have him have to go back, and of course the first day he's gone we have terrible weather. It was super windy the night before and just kept going through the morning. When the rain and thunderstorms came I kind of figured there might be something happening. Around eleven thirty the first siren went off, although I knew at some point this spring I would hear one I still had a moment of panic and my heart beat a whole lot faster.

I was in the middle of making lunch for the kids so I quickly turned of the stove (I'm a little surprised I even thought of that at the time) grabbed Maddie, the phone and quickly got the kids downstairs. When the sirens go off that means a tornado has been sighted somewhere in the area close by. Not knowing when the warning was going to be over I called me mom to calm me down, she got online (i didn't think to bring the laptop down) and told me what the weather was doing and when the warning was supposed to be over. I tried to stay calm and collected for Logan's sake and explain as best as I cold why he cold not go outside, next to the windows, and had to stay downstairs.

Over the course of the day we had several sirens go off and spent quite a bit of time in the basement. After the third one I thought, "well the sky isn't turing green and Maddie is taking a nap, so I'll stay up for this one"haha...then came the loud rumbling thunder and I ran in to get Maddie and we were down again.

Having to be down stairs gave me a good incentive to finish it and get it set up. Also on my to do list is to have a tornado emergency box put together and set aside, blankets, snacks, a few surprises toys for the kids to play with, flashlights, battery radio, things like that.

I didn't think to watch the news that night to see if anything touched down, but my neighbor the next day informed me she saw on national news that morning one did just a few miles from here. It ripped apart a factory building and sent several workers to the hospital. Yikes, needles to say, I will be heading downstairs when I hear the sirens weather the sky is green or not.

Although this has nothing to do with Tornado's it's pretty cute so I though I would add it anyway :) because she was in the bumbo with the tray attached she was not able to reach what she wanted so she got creative and tipped herself and scooted along. When I looked over at her I laughed so hard, she reminds me of a little turtle with it's shell... Surprisingly she was able to get a long quite well.