Monday, February 28, 2011


Just a quick update to say that moving day has come and gone and we are now in a new state getting ready to move in into the new house :) We have the walk through this morning then we can get in! Unfortunately we have had thunder storms and heavy rain all night, this might is going to make unloading the truck a bit more difficult. thankfully we have a friend coming to help Scott with the unloading, with the two little ones I will not be much help in that area, besides I can't even lift some of the stuff with Scott. We were hoping to have a little more help but we'll take the one :) Will try to put up some pictures soon but it'll be a bit before we have interent connection there.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

boxes and play

With moving day quickly approaching and all of the toys being packed in boxes, Logan has had to be creative when keeping himself busy. After not being interrupted or hearing any whining for some time I stoped to see what Logan was up to. Come to find out he has been quite entertained but the stacks of boxes in the dining room, he cornered himself in (along with a basketball, and Maddie's little truck on wheels) with some small boxes and is playing quite happily. And the packing continues.......
Where's Logan?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

batman cupcakes

Yesterday was our day to bring snacks to preschool and since they were celebrating Logan's birthday we were supposed to being something special to eat. Last week he quite proudly told his teachers that he would be bringing batman cupcakes, since he was going to have a batman cake for his birthday he assumed he would be bringing something similar for his little buddies. I wasn't quite sure how to make batman cupcakes but his little heart was set so I got creative. I colored the frosting blue with blue sprinkles, glued a tooth pick in between some paper, then glued on some batman confetti for batman toppers.
walla, batman cupcakes :)
What fun it is to have a boy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

morning on the playground

One of things I really like about living here on base is that there are parks everywhere within walking distance. From our house we have a choice of three different locations to go play at. Today the newest one was finished and the yellow tape was taken down so we had to go break it in :) Logan had his buddy Cy over and together they had a great time playing, all the while I enjoyed visiting with Aspen and watching Maddie girl enjoy her time outside. We keep getting little glimpses here and there of spring weather that's to some and this was one of those days, it was sunny, a little breezy and perfect to be outside.
Logan's favorite activity on the playground