Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our days have been busy, running from preschool and back, trying to keep the house clean, feeding and keeping two children clothed (Logan enjoys changing his clothes many time a day) trips to the park across the street, walks to starbucks (I'm very blessed it's only a mile away:) much training+disciplining= exhaustion, and much more, but all this to say here are a few pictures that capture some the goings on around here.
enjoying the warm late afternoon sun
bath time with daddy
playing outside while daddy works out
hanging out in the swing
all bundled up for a morning walk to the park

little Del loves rolling around without her diaper
Learning to sit up
playing with our toes

riding around very excitedly in front of the fire truck parked at the end of our driveway (not to worry it wasn't for our home, there was a small fire across the street.)

Friday, November 5, 2010

First visit to NYC

"When would we have ever driven eight hours for a weekend getaway back home?" This I is what I asked Scott as we started our road trip. I've never been to the Big Apple and since we're so much closes to it than from WA we wanted to go before we moved again. When we saw we had an upcoming four day weekend we seized the opportunity for a road tip to the city. We made several stops along and the kiddo did fabulous. We stoped two thirds of the way in Baltimore for the night. Not wanting to drive in the city with a the constant sound of horns honking and rude taxis cutting you off we stayed in New Jersey. We were able to take the train into the city and did all the walking from there. We walked ALL over, My feet were very sore by the end of the day, but of course wanting to look like I belonged in the city I had to wear my black wedge boots, so I kind of did it to myself. Being the silly girl that I am it took much thought to put together outfits from within my small closet to look NYC appropriate, but as much as I tried I still didn't feel the part. O well, there will be a next time :)
We walked through time square, central park, (CP zoo) wall street, lower Manhattan (ground zero) Liberty state park, and all along the Hudson river walkway. The city is beautiful, the landscaping, architecture, the park, I just kept marveling at how tasteful and pretty everything was.

We ate a good amount of New York pizza (fabulous), some Delicious chicken kabobs from the street corner vendors, and of course had to visit TLC's "Cake Boss" Carlos' Bake shop for some good ol pastries and picture taking.

Going with little ones we had to make it a little more kid friendly then I had always imagined my first time in NYC, but we had a great time and I loved being there as a family. There was no museum visiting, Broadway shows, or city shopping, but we took Logan to the central park zoo, (I stayed out side the entrance while Maddie napped on the park bench) and saw some great sights. Of course traveling and walking can make for some cranky kids, and we did have a few issues with behaviour, but it was great to be all together having fun. It was also really good and refreshing for us to be able to get away from life and every day life here at home.

(Here are some picture of the trip, click on it to make it bigger)