Saturday, October 23, 2010

Posting pictures to my blog has been taking a long time recently and thus trying my patience. I was playing around with Picasa the other day and figured out how to do collage pictures, it's so much easier and takes no time to upload. I am loving this easier way to get pictures up so I'm sure you'll be seeing quite a few of them :) here's one of sweet Maddie happily playing on the floor :).

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food, teeth and getting older

We were a little late so her sixth month appointment became her seven month check up. They didn't give me the percentiles this time but my mom is going to chart her stats and get back it me. I'm assuming with her at 19lbs and being 28in she'll be somewhere close to the 90th :)
She's my little chunky chubbers alright:) The Dr. said that chunkier little babies with slightly bigger heads often have a little harder time learning to sit up, she's getting better but is still a little tipsy.
No crawling yet! but she's getting close. If she needs anything she rolls herself in different directions to get whatever she wants; quite often I'll look over at her and she'll be out of site, this has taken a little getting used to. I can't imagine what it'll be like when she's on the move.
Her mouth is now full of teeth, six to be exact! Around five and a half months she started waking up frequently at night, not being able to go to sleep and crying a lot(all this being quite different from normal behavior). Since Logan didn't get his first tooth till about seven months (and when he did you only didn't really know it was coming), plus not being able to see anything on her gums I was beginning to get a little stressed out. I didn't want to give her something for teething if it wasn't actually that, so my sister suggested giving her some Hyland's teething tablets. They are all natural and even if that wasn't the issue she'd be fine taking them. Just a few days later when I looked in her mouth I saw the white of her first tooth, top left! It was quite the exciting day, I bombarded Scott with the news the minute he got home from work :) After that they just kept popping through poor little thing. She has four on the top and two on the bottom.
I've done it, we gave Maddie her first solid food. It was quite the accomplishment for me. I knew she was ready and would love it, but I was putting off the day that I had to face the fact my baby girl would not stay a baby forever. Watching them grow up is so exciting but also a bit sad. She was quite curious and excited about the whole ordeal, but she didn't much like the rice cereal. I didn't think she would but tried a few bites anyway. After that we ate bananas and that went over really well, she smiled and opened her mouth like a little expert. We'll stay with that for a few days then move to either avocado, sweet potato or pees. I'm having fun feeding her and she looks so cute in the big highchair :)
Well that's all for now, here's her eating her first few bites of cereal.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life has been busy and challenging and I have few words to write. I wish I had the ability to gather and organize my thoughts down in writing, but life right now is keeping me too busy to focus on posting anything that would sound cohesive.. So for now some pictures of my darling Madeline