Thursday, August 26, 2010

Logan's little friend Sammy is back in town for a visit so they stoped over for dinner tonight. The boys had such a great time playing together. This is quiet time at the end of the evening with Thomas the Train. it was pretty cute, they opted to sit right next to each other. These little boys love each other.

Fish face Happy smile

Well we are off tomorrow for DC for the weekend to spend time with Auntie Becky! We are all looking forward to seeing her.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A new table

Yesterday Scott and a friend went and picked up a table set from craigslist for us. We were down to only three chairs and small and unstable ones at that. I originally thought I would just find six chairs for sale, but soon after that I realized it's not easy to find six chairs by them selves on craigslist (st least out here) and to buy that many new I might as well look for a used table and chairs all in one buy. So after checking craigslist for quite a while this one appeared. I'd seen it several weeks ago but was not ready to commit to something. Well the other day it was still there and I still really liked it so we got it! It's so nice to have a table that fits us and anybody we have over. It's counter height which works great for us long legged people :) and I just love the style. I know it sound s little silly, but I feel so grown up with a real table and chairs, especially now that we're in a house and not an apartment :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It seems like i've seen several little adorable girls in tutus on different blogs lately, so I couldn't resist sharing Madelines' :) I had quite the fun time taking these last week, it's a little big (it actually says 2+) but with her chubby waist and the streachy band we made it work, and hey, when she's a little older and waddling around it'll still fit :)

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Logans' garden friend

Our harmless but terrifying new visitor
A yellow and black Argiope (I think) Spider...

Logan brought me out to see his new find and I jumped with horror and yelled "get back get back don't touch it!!!" As you can tell I hate spiders and am pretty darn scared of ones that size. Logan is totally into it though, he checks on it every day and shows it proudly to everyone that walks through our door. It's in the garden right out the dining room window so much to my dismay it's easy to see.
I think it's a harmless garden spider but it's the biggest by far that I've seen out here.
Looking close but not too close
Taking a picture of proud find

Spider watching with daddy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

fun in the pool

Here at our new place we live a street up from the pool so we are frequently there playing and cooling off. Here are a few pictures of Madeline's first time in. She woke up early from her afternoon nap so she was not too enthusiastic.

Her chubby legs just make me laugh :) you gotta love those baby rolls!