Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Life as of today

We have moved into a house on base and I am loving life right now! things before we moved were a little rough, and although it still comes and goes, many stresses of before have gone. These would include living in to small of a space, not enough room to cook meals or keep my things, and Logan being cooped up inside because of the heat without having much space to be a boy. I know there will be more things that creep in to be anxious about, but for now things seem good.

I have been having fun keeping busy with organizing and setting up a new place, currently I am spray painting cheep gold curtain rods, and trying to find some inexpensive black out curtains for all the rooms. With the strobe light flashes of lightening at night we all need them in order to get any sleep.

I am also having a great time setting up a girls room :) O how I love pink :). Since we had a one bedroom place with Logan, this is the first nursery I've been able to decorate, and I'm having fun! When I'm done I'll post a few pictures.

The kids are doing well, Logan is loving his new room and having a backyard to play in and a driveway to ride his trike in. Maddie is four months and such a lovable baby. I'll post her four months info in the next post.