Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My little sea creature...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A busy two months

It's been a long time since I've blogged, so here's a little update of what's happened in our lives over the last two months.

Scott left for his final phase of training. A month long exercise in which they worked in small teams along with contracted role players; they planned and executed missions in an imaginary land placed in a small town somewhere within the state. (all towns that host this phase are aware of what's going on and play along with it) The point of this is to allow them to use what they've been trained in and be able to learn from mistakes in a setting as real as they can make it without it being authentic.

During the month of time I couldn't talk to him (or know where he was) my good friend Danielle came to visit, I turned 27 and had a lovely dinner out with Danielle, Sarah, and Madeline :), and I was able to visit home for two weeks. It was really good to be home and have some help with the kiddos.
While home I was drove with my sisters and all four little one down to Oregon to see my two dear Aunts and uncle. It was quite the experience with all of us and a long drive but completely worth it. We enjoyed a lovely day at the Portland zoo visiting and catching up.

Just after flying home and meeting back up with my very missed other half, we prepped for graduation day. My mom and Rod flew back with me for the big day and a week long visit. Also, unknown to Scott his friend Aaron flew in to support him on the special day. Scott was surprised and very excited to have him there.
During these visits we played tour guides for the area and had a wonderful time with loved ones.
Graduation was AWESOME! The original one year turned into two years and I was so excited it was really happening. I'm so proud of Scott for all he has accomplished, the blood, pain, sweat, frustration and determination of it all finally paid off. I am now the proud wife of a Green Beret!!! wahoooo!

The outdoor ceremony -the dawning of the Green Beret

Celebrating after with some good ol cold stone

The next day- formal ceremony in uniform

As it turns out we are not leaving north Carolina yet. Since Scott did so well during the language phase he was chosen to stay and take an additional six months of language, during which time he'll be specialized in the Iraqi dialect.

After graduation was over and family left Scott was told he was on leave and had to be back by the x of the month. We had planned to come home during his leave but weren't sure when it was going to start. After being told of the short notice leave we bought tickets and flew home the next evening. We were only given a week and a half out of the month that we were expecting so we wanted to get there as soon as possible.
It was a great visit home, a little crazy with the time crunch, but really good. It was our first time back home together since our last visit for Luke's death. It was hard and brought back so many memories, but good to be with and continue grieving with those we loved. It was really great to see Scott so happy and able to connect with his group of guys. I enjoyed seeing people too of course:) We had a wonderful time catching up with friends and meeting the precious new addition to a much loved family. We sure miss the support group we have back home.

Upcoming events...
Madeline's four month check up
Moving on base for the remainder of our time here
Scott's 30th birthday :)