Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two months and growing great

Hi there, It's Madeline, I'm two months old now so I thought it was about time I blogged about how I'm growing. At my two month check up this week my Mommy was quite surprised that I was almost 13 lbs, 12.13 to be exact, and 23 inches. That means I've gained six pounds and grown three inches since coming home. My arms and legs are rounding up quite nicely, and I hear I'm getting quite the double chin, but I just can't stop drinking mommies milk, it tastes to good! I like to eat somewhere between four to six times a day. Here are a few other things about me,

I love being swaddled for sleep,
being gently shushed and rocked when I'm fussy helps calm me down, although that's hardly ever. I think I'm a pretty easy baby.
I love to smile at people who get close and look me in the eyes,
I figured out how rub my eyes to let Mommy know I'm sleepy,
I also like to rub me face back and forth on mommies shoulder when I'm tired,
It's great to have a big brother, he gives me kisses all the time, shakes the rattle for me, is always at my side when I make a noise, and always tells Mommy when I'm awake :) but I don't think she likes it when he wakes me up. I like it when he plays with me, sometimes he tries to stuff the pac in in my mouth when I didn't want it, and he just stared to pinch my checks together, I'm not a fan of that but I love him and he makes me smile.
I like to kick my legs when I get excited
I like tummy time, but I'm still trying to figure out how to get my thumb in my mouth,
Mommy says I'm a good sleeper so I guess that's a good thing! I like to get up around seven in the morning, eat, nap, eat, tummy time, nap, eat and go to bed around sevenish. it's a pretty good shedual I think, mommy likes it! I hope I can keep it up.
I miss my daddy! he's going to be so surprised at how much I've grown and changed when he gets home. I can't wait smile at him when he gives me kisses.

On another note, I'm going on my first airplane ride today, we're flying home until daddy gets back. I'll get to meet lots of special people and I'm sure Mommy will take lots of pictures for yall to see. Pray for us, it's a long trip and I hope mommy hold up fine with both of us :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

My little girl is almost two months I can hardly believe it...

I'm so in love with this little face

she finds and rather likes her thumb during tummy time

Sunday, May 2, 2010

girl weekend

three wifes...two little boys...two babies...warm temperatures...a broken air unit...popcicles...chicken cream...girly movies...monkey Joe's...lots of diapers...whining...splashing water in mixing bowls outside...laughter...quiet chattering voices coming from the boys room late into the evening...hungry cries in the middle of the night...girl gurgles and at the Red Robin=
tired little boys and worn out mommies :)

With Scott gone and two husbands out backpacking, I was able to spend time with Jan and Charity, two good girlfriends from college. We decided since the men were gone, we'd make it a girl weekend here at my house! Overnight girl time does not happen like it did before little kiddos entered our lives, so I really enjoyed just hanging out and spending quality time together. Unfortunately I did not snap a picture all weekend, I know, I can't believe it! but it was a fun time even without the visual memories...