Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sweet faces

I haven't been able to do anything cool to these pictures (crop black and white), so they are as is for now
I just love this picture, it's one of the only smiles I've been able to capture.

Wide awake

It was so wonderful to have my mom here, I'm thankful she was able to spend some time with the new born stage.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Egg Hunt

Today Logan and I went to one of the neighboring towns Easter Egg hunt with a friend and her little boy. It was great to get outside and see the boys have a good time.
Look what i've got! My sweet little man
what did you say mommy? :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bedding fabric

Now that I officially have a little baby girl (as seen on previous post) I've been having fun thinking about what I will do for her nursery when we move. With my mom here it was fun to look around on line for all sorts of items. I didn't found much bedding that I liked, but we did find this fabric that I love and can't wait to use in her crib. I'll have a contrasting fabric for the skirt and inside of the bumper, and the sheet will be plain, so this will be on the outside of the bumper and on the crib blanket. All the colors are so fun and I just love the designer who makes it, Valori Wells.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our new baby girl!

Madeline Dawn Gullberg
March 5th at six fourty-nine in the evening
7lbs 5oz and 20 in

(birth story)

Several weeks ago I decided the 5th would be the perfect day for baby G to be born. Because Scott is still in training he's only allowed to miss eight hours of class before having to repeat the course. With that in mind, delivering on a Friday seemed perfect, he would be able to have the whole weekend with us before going back to class. As the 5th got closer the nerves started to creep in and I was getting a little anxious about all the unknowns of what was quickly approaching...what time would it all happen? where would Logan go? would I be able to get a hold of Scott? with testing positive for GBS, would I really have to stay forty eight hours? what would Logan do the whole time? will my mom be here in time?...With all this in mind I was a little more willing to be okay with the original due date of the 9th.

March 2nd~29th week appointment:

~four cm dilated and 80% effaced
~minor on and off contractions throughout the previous and current week, nothing big...

March 4th~ Events of the day...

Scott got home early and went out to get me the vanilla milk shake and oreos I was craving. I sat on the couch eating my yummies watching Scott play his video games while Logan took a long nap :)

At about four thirty in the afternoon I was talking to my sister on the phone and all of a sudden realized that my water might be leaking. This was a strange feeling as it did not break with Logan. As I was asking my sister what it was like when hers broke I felt a sudden painful contraction. So far the ones that I had been feeling were real minor, this one was a whole lot stronger.

I got off the phone so I could get my hair straightened (I wanted to to look nice post delivery:) I also tried to get a hold of my mom to let her know what was happening.

By five my hair was done and the contractions (now five minutes apart) were getting a lot stronger, I would have to stop what I was doing and stand still till it was over.

After throwing the last few things into a bag Scott knew we needed to get going, he took a fast shower, and got Logan up from his nap. At this point we realized that Logan had just come down with the stomach flu and was throwing up, as we tried to run out the door he went running back to his bathroom yelling "me throw up daddy!" When we finally got into the car contracts are two minutes apart and Scott is very calmly calling his buddies to find someone to meet us to pick Logan up. (the friend who was going to watch him got the flue the day before and was really sick) we droped off our poor little sick boy and continued to the hospital.

We drove up to hospital...Scott ran me down the hall in a chair...up the elevators and into the empty halls (I'd never been up there before so I wasn't sure where to go)...found our way and made it to the front desk...Scott had to fill out paper work while I'm doing the heee heee heee breathing and not able to answer questions, all the while thinking "this is my second baby, contracts are close, water has broken, and this is going really fast, why is no one concerned?"

I get back to triage where they do some blood work and finally check me, "Wow! she's at nine cm, we need to get her back now" says the nurse. It get's interesting from here on out.........

More online paper work and questions...gripping Scott's hand and thinking I really don't like labor...

Nurse: O you're only at a 4

Me: what? how do you got from 9 down to 4?

Midwife: she checks... No she's about 7 or 8

Me (my mind): where the heck am I?

Scott and I are very confused...

Everyone trickled out of the room and I start to panic, not knowing where I was in this process and wondering when they are coming back...I start throwing up and then at least know I'm in transition...nurse comes back in and I asked to be checked again "honey I literally checked you about four minutes ago" feeling frustrated and now feeling a new burning sensation and a little more preasure...I knew this was a different feeling but he nurse said it was just because baby was so low... I didn't believe her and was even more frustrated, I knew baby was coming...A few minutes later while sitting up I felt the pushing urge, and during the next contraction an intense need to push...while the nurse still didn't believe that I could be that close I started to panic and scream trying to lift myself off the sitting position... the midwife gets in my face and tries to calm me down, meanwhile I am saying very uncalmly, "get me back!!!!seriously, there is something coming out NOW!!!"...the midwife lays me back to check "O, there's a head"....Me~"I told you something was coming out!"

Three pushes and baby was out...6:49pm...

I forgot to add that when the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me back when they said I was at a false 4 cm I have to say that I was willing to get and epidural this time round. But in the end by the time the blood work was done I was in transition and did not think I would be able to sit still for the procedure. So in the end it was natural delivery number two.

Meanwhile during all this, several of Scott's buddies came to the house to play with my sweet little boy who would back to his room and throw up....and play again. Despite being sick he loved playing with and getting all the attention from the guys.

Friday, March 5, 2010

I love these dishes!

with this whole nesting stage of being pregnant I have been getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done. It's been great, but with that come the desire to get new things to spruce the place up and make things more fun. Since we will be moving in the near future, re-setting up house is not a good idea right now. So with the nesting habits, looking forward to moving into an actual house and getting new things, and my natural desire to find things I like :) I decided on some fabulous new dishes I really want to get. I love the style and I love the color, now I just need to start acquiring a few at a time... what fun it'll be to have new dishes for a new home!

the Emma design from pottery barn

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bath time is a favorite time in our house both for Logan and for me. He gets to sit and splash with his toys, and I get a short amount of time to myself :) He was having a great time the other night and I was trying to secretly capture his imaginary play. This was the best I got....

Only seven days to go!

Week 38 brought:

late night insomnia and acid reflux
extreme nesting and house cleaning
relaxing muscles thus having to pee all the time
baby droped :) resulting in random low sharp stabbing pains
2 cm and 70% effaced :)
the unavoidable waddling
sniffling noses and coughs for me and Logan
the feeling as though nothing cute fits anymore
lots of tears and emotions
getting excited to wear my normal clothes again :)
stocking the pantry and freezing meals
finishing up baby preparations: bedding washed and put back in the basket... changing table organized and cleaned
getting a little closer to picking baby G's name
treasuring baby's movement every day

Week 39, PLEASE bring baby!!!