Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

When I heard that there was a winter storm warning for this weekend I was very excited. I've been patiently waiting for the snow that almost never falls here in the south. We went to bed last night not seeing anything, but hoping there would be a blanket of white in the morning. There wasn't much this morning but I was still giddy with the sight of white snow just barely covering the ground.

We had previously arranged to take Logan to friends for a few hours so we could have some alone time to hang out and talk uninterrupted. Even though there wasn't much snow on the ground the car was incased in a very protective layer of ice. It took a little to get it out and ready to go, but my stud of a husband stood there in the frozen rain and got us one step closer to our date.

When we got to the gate to get on base, the guard stoped us and quite rudely (as if we were idiots for not seeing on the news) informed us that post was closed and we could not enter.
the conversation went something like this......

Scott....."Good morning"
Guard..."where are you headed?"
Scott....."to some friends house"
Guard..."do you live on post?"
Guard... long pause and blank stare "did you not know that post is closed?"
Scott..... "How would I know that?"
Guard... long pause ... (and in a very snotty and rude tone) " It's ALL over the news!!!" as if the first thing we would think of this morning when we saw a little snow would be Hum, let's watch the news and see if the town is still functioning...)
Who would have thought that less than an inch of snow slushy roads and some frozen rain would close post. It never entered out minds, but as I said previously, snow doesn't fall often here. With the generosity of our friends coming outside the gate to pick up Logan we were still able to go out. As we drove around town we realized that base was not the only thing closed, seriously, half the town was shut down! This just made me laugh even harder. We did have a great time together despite driving around for quite a while trying to find a place to eat.
Even with the limited amount of snow we were still able to have some fun in it. On our way back we got out a big card board box and did a little sledding :) Unfortunately we did not have out camera so I was not able to document it...
Here is me at 34 and a half weeks, (I also finally got to wear the white fuzzy wintry boots Scott gave me for Christmas, I was very excited about them...:)
What a day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

baby hats

Since we don't know what were having yet, I am needing to come up with two different going home outfits for baby, one for a boy and one for a girl. As I was looking for baby hats these were a few that I fell in love with. I love little boys, but it would be so fun to have a girl this time I just love all the girly and flowery things :) We'll see!
I'm going to see if I can find a way to make one of these flower ones...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

33 weeks

Here area a few baby belly pictures Scott took this weekend... 33 weeks! I've been terrible and have not really done any before this...


Disclaimer: long wordy post...

Two years ago today Scott's mom went to be with the Lord, is been a hard two years and I have to say that the second was the hardest for me. I'm not sure if It was moving away, watching my little boy get older with out her being a part of it, or the final realization that she's not coming back, this being with Rod's getting remarried. Don't get me wrong, I love that He is married to my mom, and I think they are wonderful together and it's such a blessing from God that they love each other, but it will always in a good way be a bitter sweet reminder that Karen is gone forever. I miss her so much! my phone calls to her for advise, e-mails, shopping together, and her encouraging me to go all they way...
With this new baby coming it brings it to the surface even more. She was so involved with Logan's birth and 11 months she was here to see him grow. O how she would love to see him now, running, riding his new bike, talking, praying, and being her little grandson. It's hard to think that she will never on this earth know this new baby. I don't know much about the heavenly realm, but in some ways I really hope that the Lord can give her glimpse of things here on earth that would make her smile. I would like to think that she knows Logan and will know this new one even though she's not here.

It's hard to believe that Luke is now up there with her. How blessed is he to be rejoicing with her in the presence of the Lord.

Christmas is over, the New year has begun, and we are back home again with a hole in our hearts. It's been over a month since Luke made his last climb. Right now life seems to be overshadowed by a dark cloud of sorrow, everything from music, picture, videos, facebook, to things around the house that they has something to do with are a constant reminder that they are not here and sometimes the pain seems to much.
I hope this small blessing will be a joy full little one what with all the sorrow it's been experiencing from within me, sometimes I wonder if all this will have had an effect on baby already. Again with this baby coming it cuts the hurt even deeper with losing Luke. He was so excited for this baby, hoping it would be a little niece :) he couldn't wait to come visit and start making short videos if it's little life. We had already started making plans of how he would come visit us and stay for a while when we move this spring to a new base. It's hard to give up all the things in the future that you have already envisioned a certain way or previously made plans for.

Luke was so much more than a brother in law to me, he was a brother and a friend. I miss talking to him and hearing of the newest developments that are going on in his life. It's hard to go on with life knowing that he's not here, to watch Scott having has lost his best friend and constantly hurt from not being able to talk to him and share what's going on in life.

Logan is pretty much a constant reminder of him. He talks about him all the time. The other day I walked up behind him and saw him sitting there looking up to the sealing talking to his buddy Luke, he was telling him all about the lizard that hatched from the egg he got for Christmas. It was so precious, he was so excited to be telling him about it. When he hears words like die, heaven, and mountain, he will often remind you of what happened to him and quite proudly say that "Luke sees me:)" I will always think that he was taken way to soon, and it's going to take quite a bit of time to get over my anger and bitterness about it, but I'm thankful for the relationships we all had with him, and the memories we have.
I was listening to the radio this morning and the song "There Will Be A Day" by Jeremy Camp played. It was really good! There will be a day that there will be no more pain and suffering, won't that be awesome :)