Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yesterday we were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. We drove out to a near by state park and walked a few miles through the wooded trails, over a few bridges and down to the river. Logan was really hoping to see a deer, but that was not to be had on this occasion. It was a beautiful day and even though the colors out here are not nearly as pronounced as the fall colors back home, and although most of what's here has fallen to the ground I still enjoyed the Autumn brownish/yellow crisp leaves crunching beneath our feet. It felt fabulous to get out of our little small town bubble and spend some fun time laughing and playing in the leaves with my two favorite boys.

Savoring his mid-hike snack, a small hand full of gooey gummy bears

I just love this picture, he's so happy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

first baby picture :)

Saturday we had our second but first official ultrasound. It was pretty exciting! the tech did about twenty minutes worth of measurements then Scott and Logan could come in ans watch. It was a little hard to stay still the whole time, every time I saw the baby move and felt those little feelings I giggles and hoped I didn't mess it up:) It was the most wonderful thing to see baby on the screen moving, the little kicks and punches were precious, seeing the heart beat was amazing, and watching the little mouth swallow was really sweet. This time we are not finding out if baby is a boy or girl so I was really nervous that something might slip out, but all went well and it's still a surprise. Although we are not finding out I am terribly anxious to know, and even though I was nervous the tech might say something and spoil the surprise, that was the hardest it's been for me to keep with our agreement of waiting.Even though we've been talking to Logan about the baby in mommies tummy and told him that it was a camera taking pictures of baby, the whole things kinda freaked him out ( I kind of anticipated that). He took one look and yelled "NO BABY" then turned he head and buried it in Scott's shoulder. He warmed up a little by then and by the time we got home he loved looking at the pictures. "mommy baby" he says when he looks at the pictures, then he comes and points to my tummy. I can't wait to have him have a little sibling to play with. Since we don't have a way to scan the pictures I took a picture of it, it's not the best but it's our baby :) sometime I'll show the comparison between this ones profile and Logan's, they look pretty different...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To make a long story short, just two weeks ago my sweet hubby decided to send me home for a much needed break. The timing was perfect, Scott was on break so he was able to keep Logan with him :) and I was able to be there for the arrival of my precious niece. It was a good trip; it was a little unusual to be without Logan as he goes everywhere with me, and a bummer that Scott was not given leave to come with me, but I was able to see some good friends and spend some great time with family, I completely enjoyed my vacation. I flew into Seattle Sunday the first and left on the eleventh. After eleven days I was ready to be home and be a mommy and wife again! When I got in Logan and Scott were there to meet me, Logan was a little unsure of me and waited for me to approach him. After hugging and kissing him he looked at me a little funny and turned and grabbed onto Scott. Having him want daddy over me was a little sad, but he soon warmed up as he was repeating "mommymommymommy" in a very excited tone half of the drive home :) It's been a little of an adjustment with him after my coming home, but that was to be expected, were working on it.
While I was in Seattle I was able to meet my little niece Megan, she was born very quickly (ten minutes after my sister got to the hospital) and only an hour and a half labor (lucky duck) Megan is a beautiful little girl and I fully enjoyed being able to hold her and see her a newborn. holding her made me really excited to see my own little one in a few months. We were all very thankful to have a healthy beautiful family addition.
I was also able to meet a few other new little faces and spend some quality time with some close girlfriends. A few of my friends have had babies in the last few months so I was glad for the opportunity to go visit them. Being able to spend time with friends and family was really encouraging, I felt like I was able to catch up on things that have I have had a hard time missing out on.
While I was gone Logan and daddy had a great time together. Hiking state high points in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia, visiting Gettysburg, sleeping in a tent in the living room for a night, attending the daily formation (role call to make sure no body left while on break) and many trips to the park and train set at Barnes and Noble. They had a great bonding time and really had fun. It was quite a different experience for Scott to have Logan by himself and especially for that long, but he is a wonderful daddy and I'm so thankful for him and how he parents and loves Logan. It was also a little fun on my part to have him experience the single parenthood feeling that I have done a few times., it's nice to know he's had a glimpse of what it's like :)
Well I guess I didn't really make a long story short, but I did spare you the details of my almost on flight pucking (bad turbulence and being pregnant don't mix well) Here are a few pictures to wrap it up...

Finally getting to meet Ryder Cloyd! what a sweetheart...

sorry girls, I couldn't remember which one I wasn't supposed to use, there were several pictures so i tried to pick the best of all...gotta love these girls...

Boy hiking trip, throwing snow balls with the little snow in PA and seeing some beautiful landscape. what a great trip for Logan.

Friday, November 6, 2009

prego sisters

We thought we'd better get a picture of the two of us pregnant before Mandy delivered
Mandy: 39 weeks and 5 days
Me: 22 weeks