Sunday, October 25, 2009

Language is over!!!

Six months ago I was thinking "o my lanta, Arabic is going to take forever..........we have a long road ahead filled with hours of studying and focused minds" Well, that six months is over and it really wasn't that bad :) the beginning stages of the course were really intense and took alot of Scott's energy, but as the months past it got a lot easier. I have to say that Scott did a phenomenal job being committed to doing well.
Arabic is not the easiest to learn, it has sounds that don't exist in the English language, is written and read from right to left, is spoken with either a feminine or masculine tense, has completely different sentence structure, (in English it might be I'm going to the store, but in Arabic would be store going me) and generally has an absence of most prepositions. it took a lot of studying and time...
At the end of the course each student sits alone in a quiet room awaiting a tester from Ca to contact them by phone. When the phone in front of them rings they pick it up and there test has begun. They are graded on a 30-40 minute phone conversation with topics ranging from politics, world topics to everyday activities. The tester is scoring them on comprehension and ability to speak the language accurately. Going into it you have to be prepared with enough vocabulary to talk about anything, and you may not be asked anything that you thought you might, it can be a bit unnerving going into. Scott's test was last Friday, but he had to wait all week for his score. We found out yesterday that he not only passed but he as well as ten others in the group of thirty guys that took Arabic received the highest score. It's really hard to explain how they score with numbers and plus signs, so I'll spare you the agony of trying to understand my interpretation. All you need to know is he did really well and I am so proud if him!!!!! Scott is still in shock of his score, but I knew he could do it, this is another huge encouragement that this is what he's supposed to be doing. Now that language is over he has a month off until his next phase starts; we are kind of feeling like what are we going to do with all this extra time, we'll find things I'm sure :) I think our next adventure will be to the outer banks.......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The story of our weekend to Washington DC

A long drive...great food, Arabic, BBQ, Thai...lots of walking...a little shopping...eating Lindt chocolates...rolling over in bed to see Logan's little blond head standing next to me trying to crawl in...trips to Starbucks for breakfast, snacks, and survival emergency road stand hot dog when feeling dizzy and light headed (was so good:) of Flight and Space, and history of the American Indian...riding the Metro train...falling in love and buying a necklace from a little boutique...walking all over to find H&M only to find out it closed 20 min before we arrived...beautiful rallies in support of the hate crimes bill...many colorful signs...

sightseeing on the way home...stopping to see the stonewall Jackson shrine, the plantation he camped at and the house that he died in (the only building still standing on the property; they even have the authentic bed and blanket he used)...walking around Richmond Va...a new book for Logan...taking pictures and eating...two sleeping boys in the car on the way home :)

The start to our first day in the city,

The family in DC

Having a little fun... Although the picture didn't turn out so well, the city is a different place at night, and it's our favorite time to walk around...Logan for the Metro train

Heading up to the capital

The buildings and landscaping around the capital were really beautiful

The building Stonewall Jackson lived his last day in

The real bed he slept in and blanket he used

Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Bits

Here are a few random thoughts and statements that came to mind while sitting here watching Scott play video games...

had a wonderful weekend in Washington DC with the family
in need of a hair cut and color
walked through Nordstrom in the city just to remind myself of Seattle
feeling snappy
How I love the sound of Logan laughing, it make me smile
why does organic milk last longer in the fridge that regular?
already feeling huge
I love the fall, but seeing Christmas decorations makes me feel happy, I can't wait to have family come down!
how in the world am I going to cook a thanksgiving dinner?
I need to start reading the third book in Twilight
We have one more disk for last seasons Office then we can start watching this one :) it comes on Wednesday!
I need to make Carmel apples with Logan
What shall we be for Sarah's Halloween party?
rainy and cold, what fun things can I do with Logan inside?
will post pictures from DC later sometime...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Logan's first pie

Pumpkin pie making with my sweet little boy turned out to be alot of fun. He was quite proud of his pie and was supper excited to tell his daddy
the moment he walked in the door :)

Please mommy can I start now?

In goes the sugar and spicesnext comes the milk
A little hand stirring before turning on the mixer
The finished product, topped of course with home made whipped cream :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

family weekend

This weekend has been full of fun family time, it's been really great! There's a little town north of here that I've heard has some really cute shops, so we thought we'd drive up and walk around. When we got there we realized they had the town's harvest festival happening, we can never mind a little extra fun :). We walked around, I browsed the fun little shops, found a few little items I couldn't live without... Scott took pictures... Logan got some ice cream; candy cane mint, and bounced on the toys they had set up, it was a great day!
Today we met some friends for lunch and then took the little boys to a near by pumpkin patch. When I think of a pumpkin patch I think of walking through a dirt field where the pumpkins are grown, so I was a little surprised when we got there. When we drove up I scanned the grounds for the patch, and what I saw was a small area of the grass filled with pumpkins that had been spread out evenly. It was kind of funny, O well it was still fun. We rode on the ponies, the small train, and hay ride :) Logan and Cypress are the best of buds and had so much fun running around playing with each other picking up the pumpkins and throwing straw in the air. It was an altogether perfect weekend with the fam.
You can see a little belly in this picture (Almost 18 weeks)

Just chillin and eating ice cream

Fun on the fam

Best of buds

This was the best family picture we got, Logan was in no mood to smile at this point