Friday, July 31, 2009


waking up to a little voice yelling "momadaddyma" madaddymommy"
watching Logan light up with excitement when meeting his little best friend Cypress at the gym for play time!
water aerobics
long awaited nap
fun running out in the sun
eating Popsicles with Logan
listening to laughter
dreaming about fresh kiwis and peach cobbler :)
plans of making one tomorrow...
looking forward to a movie with Scott and a good nights sleep...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's been a while since I've blogged. A lot has gone on, a fourth of July celebration on base, A trip to the North Carolina Zoo, flying home, seeing my little sister get married, whirlwind visits with friends and family, another hectic flight home, adjusting to life without "Nanna and Pappa" readjusting to the heat and humidity, being able to see Seattle friends here in N.C. and meeting there little girl for the first time, making curtains for Logan's room, working with him on the ABC's, colors, and shapes, getting a new laptop :) and finally tonight I get a date night with my man! I'm so excited to get out alone with him and have uninterrupted conversations.
Here are a lot pictures to capture the recap... :)
The zoo was great, we had a lot of fun walking all over. Logan never gets tired of seeing animals :)

On base we were able to see the Golden nights jump, it was really cool, they landed right in front of us... It was really bright to look up, but Logan thought it was amazing...they are really pretty awesome to watch! Logan also had a blast in the bouncy tents, it was so funny watching him fly around in there, he's so grown up!

This was the first Fourth of July that Scott has been able to do Sparklers with Logan, they had a blast. The wide open mouth was pretty much his expression for the whole sparkler.
I was able to see some friends while I was home, but did not really get many pictures. Here are some of Logan with his cousin Abigail, and little Calen. It was great to be able to see Amy and Calen during there short trip up from Oregon...The rehearsal ho-down :) Weddings are a great time see family that live far away. The first picture is with my great Aunt Rita and Aunt Jane, they came up from Oregon and they had never met Logan, so it was great to see them.Getting ready, she's beautiful, what more can I say...The happy couple! The wedding turned out really well and was a wonderful day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm headed home for the week, my little sister is getting married and there's much preparation! I can't wait for this fabulous day. I'll be back next week with pictures...
Hope yall have a sparkling day full of fun and great food :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've been reading quite a few blogs lately and it's been interesting to see where peoples lives are at. Some look like a fairy tale, some like normal life, and others, just struggling with every day life. As I've been reading i can't help but compare my life to theirs, and sadly i seem to relate more to those who are struggling with life. Since we have moved life has been good, but on the challenging side; I've really struggled a lot, emotionally, lack of friends and support, little communication with friends from home, feeling a little on the forgotten and lonely side, and when you add a two year old into the mix it gets a whole lot harder! being a parent is hard, and although I never will, some days I just feel like giving up.
It's easy to write positive things, fun pictures, and the perfect real life stories; I'm not saying that's wrong, I'm not much of a writer myself so I manly stick to photos; often so people won't really see what life looks like, so it make me wonder how well we know what's really going on in our friends lives. life with a toddler has been hard, we've been facing quite a few challenges, not wanting to eat... constant yelling and fussing during car rides... whining...being stuck inside with the strong heat... not always having a car to get out and take him places... discipline, what to do, how to do it, and when to do it... Logan is a strong willed and stubborn boy, and although I know God does not give you more that you can handle, sometime I feel as though I can't. It's hard not to have the support from other moms near by with little ones. It's been great to have Scott home and be able to be on the same page as far as how we deal with things, but it's hard to figure that all out. Sorry this isn't a fun blog, but it's how I've been feeling and I just needed to write some of it down. Please keep us in your prayers, for support, wisdom, patience, and guidance.