Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just yesterday as I was walking past the bathroom, I saw the light on and heard the trickling of water. As I sneaked a peak at what was going I saw Logan on the counter applying tooth paste to his tooth brush and then brushing those tiny teeth. Through all the trail of toddler hood, I love these moments that put a smile on my face.
this last weekend we were blessed to have Luke come visit. It was so great to have him here and we had a blast. A few of the weekends events were Climbing, going to the lake and feeding turtles, swimming in the ocean, ice cream, work outs, movies, grilling out with friends, and pool time with Logan.......Logan was thrilled to have his Uncle here and there were many tears all round when we had to leave him at the airport. It's always hard to resume normal life after someone leaves, the days seem a little more boring, longer and quieter than usual, but were getting there. We love having people visit! hint hint to anyone :)
The day we went to the beach was magical, I've decided it's my happy place! upon arrival my spirits lifted and I felt liberated from everything that keeps me down. The weather was beautiful, company was great, lunch on the sand was delightful, and being able to run into the water and swim out past the waves with Scott was so much fun. It was great to get a way from daily life and just have fun and laugh! I definitely need more of those days. Logan was not a fan of the water this time, but loved making sand castles with Luke and collecting shells

while here Luke was able to experience all the weather we get here. The sun, heat, warm rain, and really loud thunder. The last day we had a huge thunder/rain storm, (when it rains here it comes down hard and last for a long time) We were on post when it stared having dinner with Scott, and when we got home it was still raining strong, so I put our rain boots and coats on and Logan and I went puddle jumping. The one thing I love about the rain here is that it's warm :) It was fun...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was given this website by my mom recently, and although I'm not nursing any more I thought it was really interesting to read. It's got a lot of really good information and some fun baby related resources, things like glamorous baby gear, etc. I highly recommend reading this regardless if you have a baby, are breastfeeding, or even if you don't and are thinking about having one in the future check this out! the info is encouraging and enlightening.

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's been incredibly hot here, so we have really been enjoying the pool at our apartment. Logan has not been much of a water fan until now, I think he liked it so much yesterday because the water was so warm :) It felt so good to have fun and relax in the sun and water...He jumped of the step for the first time (fell forward off of) and kicked is feet and floated...Nobody liked my idea of getting his head in, We'll work towards that. I can imagine we'll be in the water much more this summer!