Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday night we went with a group of friends to the Fayetteville Blues and Booze Festival. It was fun, we sat on the grass, tossed the football, and listened to music. It was warm and great to be with friends.
Here are some of the pictures of our great evening. Logan loves hanging out with all the guys, so he had a blast!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


With the great weather we've been having, we can't help but play outside! it's been fun finding new parks and playgrounds to visit. Here is some fun from the one we found today...It was a fun day!

I can see everything from here..... (I was on the ground taking the pic, so he's not super high:)

Friday, May 22, 2009

A few things this weekend holds...
Splashing, and making sand castles
Thai food
Ice cream
The Office (still catching up)
Feeding the geese fish and turtles at the lake
A Top Pot Doughnut and Coffee
Ferry ride
Running around the playground
Hair cuts for all

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just a short clip of Logan having fun :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Since Scott has been learning Arabic, I thought it a good idea to learn some myself. Here are some of the word and phrases I've learned so far....

Are you married?
hell anta mutozowich
Yes I am married
hell ana mutozowich
Do you have children?
hell andak tufle
Yes I have children
hell ande tufle
Thank you

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day

For mothers day we headed up to Raleigh. We drove up Saturday, ran a few errands (REI:) then checked into our hotel. It was beautiful and sunny when we took that bags up, then when we were getting ready to head out to dinner, we looked out the window, and I seriously thought there was going to be a tornado. It was really windy, the sky was black, and there was heavy rain (plus, there have been several tornado watches around here lately). Having never seen a tornado and with my fear of being in one, my imagination saw the fast moving wispy black clouds turning into what I thought could be, potential funnel clouds. Needless to say there was just high winds and really bad rain.
Mothers day morning we got up and took Logan swimming in the pool. It was a bit chilly so none of us were big fans, but the hot tub was great!
We got some break fast and then headed to the mall (the mall close to us is small so I was really excited for this one) for some shopping. It was great! we went into several stores, found a few purchases (got to love birthday money), and did quite a bit of window shopping :) it was great fun. Rarely does Scott go shopping with me, so it was fun to both go in different placed and point out things we liked. At the end of our time there Logan gave me his present, I love shoes, so it was quite fitting that he gave me a really fun pair :) Scott just laughed and said this was the record, three shoes in one shopping trip; (I had also bought two pairs of sandals with birthday money!).
Hope all you other mothers out there had a wonderful day with your loved ones as well...

My new mothers day shoes :)

The sandals I found :) (now I have some flats to run around in while chasing Logan...:)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

26 and New Transportation

I am now 26! I awoke that morning to pounding rain, thunderstorms, and a sweet happy birthday wish! It wasn't the ideal weather for a birthday, but Scott was here so it didn't matter. (He's now home from his last four month long 2nd phase of training, and will be here for the next nine months WAHOO!) Since he was still in the introductory stage of language school he was let our early! once he got home we took off to celebrate with some delightful ice cream at cold stone! after that, we just had fun hanging out together. That evening we ordered in my favorite Chinese food and relaxed while watching a good movie. I was surprised and very delighted to get the Garmin GPS I've been wanting :) and a much needed pink camelbak water bottle :) ya for never getting lost or being dehydrated in this heat! I just love my husband!
Before I came home I had a cake with candles celebration with my family back in WA :), it was an overall Splendid birthday!
My new favorite is cake batter with Reese's, what a mouth watering splendor :)

Now that Scott is done with the second phase of training, he is now beginning the third, language school. As of now (always subject to change) he will be in class five days a week, seven hours a day and that does not include the many hours of studying at home that are necessary to pass. We have a very busy six months ahead, but nonetheless, he's home and I am thankful for that :) For the first several months he has afternoon/night classes, after that he'll switch over to morning/afternoon classes, but sometime in there they might be changing to the six day a week plan. So with the ever changing class schedule, mandatory PT times, studying at home or somewhere quiet, Etc.... We thought it a good idea to have another form of transportation. After financially ruling out a second car, our next best option was a road bike. We live close to the base so it'll be easy to get there and back. After much research, Scott found a great deal on the perfect bike. We went this morning to pick it up and needless to say Scott is very excited! he'll still take the car some days, but this way it'll free it up so I can run around with Logan when I need to and not disrupt his sleep habits by taking and picking up Scott...
The new bike

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wedding Bliss...

The reason i was home was to be a part of a dear friends wedding. The festivities started Wednesday night with the bachelorate party, the rehearsal Thursday night, and the big day on Friday. There was much dancing, smiling, partying, and having fun.

As well as being a part of the special day it was a also really fun to hang out with another sweet friend who was also part of the wedding. We had fun hanging out, laughing, getting ready together, talking, and standing next to each other while smiling for the camera :) It's always refreshing to catch up with good friends. I really enjoyed our time together!!!

Rehearsal and after party!

The wedding day!

Day with Uncle Luke!

Logan had such a great time hanging out with he Uncle Lukie! Here's a glimps of the fun.

Zoo fun!

While I was home we were able to go on a few special outings, the Seattle Zoo and Children's museum! I don't have any pictures of the museum (there on my moms camera) but here are a few from the Zoo. We had a great time sharing these memories with family.
Logan ran and walked almost the whole day at the Zoo, (we were there 6 hours:)