Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a beautiful weekend... warm weather, summer clothes, ice cream, and my husband home :) couldn't get much better than that!

I am now packing for another trip home, this time for a good Friends wedding. I am so excited to share this time with her! I can't wait to get there and get in on some of the action :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter parties

Eater was good this year! different, but we made the most of it and had a great time. Our two Bible study groups combined on Saturday for a picnic and Easter egg hunt. Sunday Sara and I made dinner at her house and invited some of the hubbies friends over to enjoy a home cooked meal. Although our husbands were gone we had a good time cooking some tasty food and sharing it with friends who would have otherwise eaten at the chow hall (yuck) Logan had a great time with the boys and an ever better time hunting for his basket :)
My good friend Sara
Logan taunting her boxer from inside (she's a very friendly dog, just lot's of energy)
"That was so fun!"
Hey look what I found...Awh who cares if it spilled, they still taste good :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday morning activities

It's been very warm and pretty humid for that last several days, but this morning we woke up to dark clouds, thunder, and heavy rain. Logan loved it :) this is him just after the rain started!.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am home again from a glorious visit back home with family and friends :)

The trip home...

......We left Fayettevile at four in the afternoon and had an eight and a half hour travel ahead of us. With snacks, portable DVD player with a Clifford movie, books, toys, markers, and benadryl, I figured I'd be good to go. For the first flight he sat in his seat with his seat belt on really well for the take off and landing (he really enjoyed the take off:) on the second flight it was a little more of a challenge. At the end of the first flight he was ready to doze off :) but soon after we took off on the second his second wind came. At this point I gave him the snooze pills, after all it was an almost six hour flight! For several hours he would lay his head down and cruelly tease me, then he would shoot up and start jumping on his seat, literally up and down in a circle ( I can't complain too much though, he was happy the whole time). I was so blessed to have a wonderful gentleman sitting next to me who was understanding and sympathetic :) He even read Logan a story and let him kick his leg under the arm rest with his feet while trying to stretch out. The Lord is good! With and hour left to go he finally gave in to the urge and fell fast asleep...We arrived in Seattle at nine (midnight our time)

Visit home...
......I was home visiting for my moms wedding. She was marrying my father in Law, and although some might think that awkward, it was really fun and I love it! It was a beautiful intimate house wedding. I don't have any pictures of my own, but I'll put some up when I get some...

A new hair cut from his personal stylist :)

......I was also able to spend some time with a few friends. Shopping, a soccer game, and eating doughnuts were among some of the accompanying activities :)

Logan and good friend Mia :) ......It was wonderful to see Logan playing with his cousin Abigail. They had so much fun together! They warmed up pretty fast and began to feel more comfortable taking toys from each other and sitting on the other to knock them over (Logan to Abby). In the beginning they were a tag team for crying at night, But that wore off and they slept better. They loved each other, there were many hugs and several protective and concerned looks when the other was in bed crying :) little one stick together :)
......At the end of the visit and just in time, Scott was able to fly back for the day of the wedding. It was great to have him there and just spend time with him.
......The day after the wedding we headed back to the airport for our long flight home, I was really glad to have Scott with me this time to help out! We had no idea, but our trip was soon to become a nightmare. To begin with, Scott had to be back by a certain time that following morning, so getting back on time was critical. The events that followed...

-Late departure due to a dead light bulb (departed and hour late, by this time we were thinking we would already miss our next connecting flight)
-stuck in a holding pattern in the sky due to bad weather (tornadoes and lighting in Philadelphia) about and hour and a half (by this time we had for sure missed our next flight and stress was escalating fast)
-Still unable to land we we diverted to Baltimore to refuel and sit on the plain on for two hours near the runway. (by this time we had missed our third flight....seattle-phillidalphia-charolotte-fayetteville....)
-Finally got the go ahead to take off and land in Philly.
-Landed in Philly at the time we were supposed to be landing in Fayetteville.
talked to the the airlines and got on a flight to unplanned Raleigh at midnight. (the whole airport was messed up and trying to rebook)
-Time was running out and we were getting pretty anxious to get that flight.
-Plane came in forty minutes after it was supposed to leave and we finally boarded to fly home :)
-Stress levels finally started deflating and there were actually some smiles :)
-We arrived in Raleigh and a friend was able to pick us up and drive us the hour and a half trip back home (luggage did not arrive with us.)
-Home at last, just three hours before Scott had to leave again. He did not get much sleep this weekend, please pray he can keep up his strength and health these next few weeks!

Logan did great! he slept the first few hours and played happily the rest. I had low expectations with him stuck on the first flight for eight hours and then running around the airport at midnight, but he made me proud :) What a little champ!

WOW, okay that was a very long post, hope y'all are still awake :)