Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There's a lot going on in our lives right now and I have just not felt like blogging, so It's been a quite a while since I have updated this. This morning I figured I'd give it a go, we'll start with Logan's 2nd birthday!

I can hardly believe it's been two years, so much has happened! Logan is such a growing little boy :)
Here are a few highlights of the little man:

Love reading,
can play for hours with his little barn and animals
Loves dancing to the Itsy bitsy spider (rap rendition :) thanks Mia and Lindsay:)
Could eat fruit snacks all day long if I let him
Great soccer player! kicks dead on with the left foot...
Is a frequent customer to starbucks (knows where to find his milk in the cooler and set it up on the counter) I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it's our little get a way.
Sleeps well and still takes an afternoon nap :)
Still is not very talkative but is definitely working on it.
Loves curious George and trains
His favorite words are Geese, noooo, and he has sound effects for everything. Loves to play and explore outside, and never passes up a chance to jump in a puddle.It'll be fun to see what this next year brings our way...
Nanna and Papa came out for Logan's birthday and a weekend visit :) It was so good to have some family here. I've really been missing those familiar faces. While they were here we celebrated the birthday, visited the beach, and just hung out. Here are some pictures of the visit!

For those of you who don't know, Pappa and Nanna are getting married late March, was fun to see them so happy together :)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Every day; usually at the beginning, Logan has to announce the animals he'd like to see. This consists of "Dees" (geese) and "ssssssssss" (snake, our neighbors pet). Since it's been so cold outside I'm not very fond of our long morning walks down to the pond to see the geese, who may or may not be there at the time of our arrival. I decided it was time to get our own pet, one that Logan could visit and see anytime he wanted, thus, making my life a little easier. I settled on a fish, it's easy and if i dies I don't have to bury it! We went to the pet store with Logan and picked out a pretty purple and blue Betta fish. When we got home we got it all set up in it's new tank. Logan like looking at it, but was a little bored with it's slow movements, we started to think we should have got a more active fish. By the next morning it was very slow, it was actually dead. Yes, I killed the Betta in less than 24 hours, but in my defense, I didn't know our water wasn't fish friendly. Today, we once again visited the pet store, this time picking out three happy and very active gold fish (the pretty ones, not the 12 cent one) Logan is much happier with these and hopefully I'll be able to keep them around a little longer :)