Monday, August 25, 2008

What a fabulous weekend!

I am back now and trying very hard not to cry at every thought of not being with Scott. I had such a wonderful weekend with him and can't even begin to describe how much I miss him! It feels so unnatural to be here living everyday life without him, but soon (roughly six weeks) and we will be able to live a family once again :)
Some highlights of the weekend
being greeted with a kiss and a red rose...holding hands with the love of my life...a late night run for an apartment finder magazine, but only ending up with some ice cream :)...walking around old town fayetteville taking pictures...stopping at the airborne and special operations (ASP) museum...a fabulous meal at Joe's crab shack, Ruby Tuesday's, and a delightful little pizza shop...a tour through the base...driving back and forth through town many times on a hunt for apartments...after being disappointed at not finding a place that matched the picture I had in my mind, we finally found that potential home location I loved...finding a new Mexican restaurant, and having the entire place to ourselves for much laughing, talking and great food...a stroll through the botanical gardens taking pictures, and me being a little freaked out about encountering any one of the new poisonous creatures on that side of the country...buying groceries for a dinner in...eating Blue Bunny ice cream late at night (the second time) snuggled up together watching the Olympics...and just enjoying each others company!!!
Here are some pictures to put the recap into images

Me and my sweetheart

enjoying the botanical gardens

A little kissing was inevitable :)

enjoying a big strawberry dacari

mapping out a plan with our allies...they were are all so real looking characters, it was fascinating.Scott giving direction for the laser bombs

a statue on baseThe apartments that I would like to live in. Very child friendly, a nice neighborhood to walk around, a swimming pool, playground, and screened in balconies...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm on my way to to begin the nine and a half hour trip to North Carolina, I can't wait to finally see Scott :)
Be back on Monday...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Four days, 8 hours, and fifteen minutes!!!

This Friday, after a nine and a half hour flight, I will finally be reunited with the love of my life!
I can't wait, it's been a month and a half, (seems like five) since I saw him last. I will fly into North Carolina Friday night and he'll meet me there :) we'll then have a wonderful two and a half days going out on dates, spending time alone, touring the base, and looking at the perspective housing.
Things I need to get done before I leave...
get my nails done
get a pedicure
download videos onto my zune to watch on the plane
buy my airplane outfit :)
finish tanning
get Logan all packed for his weekend at Nanna's house
find a rental car at a price I want to pay
many sleepless hours in anticipation!
I'll be sure to post pictures when I get back :) If you think of it pray for a good flight, great quality time together, and that Logan will do ok at my moms. (he's only ever been away from me for one night)

Sisterly fun

This past week I was able to spontaneously take off and spend several days with my sister and adorable little niece. With both of our husbands gone at that time, it was the perfect opportunity for some good quality sister time...
We had a great time at the down town riverside park, Logan loved the fountain and giant red wagon. (we're standing next to one of the wheels.)

This is my sweet little niece Abigail... I had so much fun spending time with her getting to know her personality. She is an adorable little girl and I'm already missing her.
Because of a little diaper rash I let Logan run around outside in the nude. When I saw this cute shot I couldn't resist capturing it :)
The little cousins had a great time together. they loved making each other laugh,
enjoyed sharing their food,
and played off the others activeness.

On the second day, as we were walking though the fabric store we thought we heard a little voice say "Abby" but keeping in mind that Logan has only said "mama" "daddy" and "app" (apple) we figured it was just a silly noise. A few minutes later we heard it again, I turned to Logan and he continued to say "Abby" and then pointed to her. We were so excited, he now has a vocabulary of four words :) To me that's exciting, but to his crazy Dr. it's alarming and concerning! she even said I should get him looked at if he's not "talking talking" in a few weeks, I was very annoyed and offended and even went home crying, but that's another story...
It was a wonderful visit, and I am so thankful for out time together, but I'm sad that it will be the last time I see them before the big move.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome baby Calen...

Today I was able to host a small casual baby shower for a dear friend. For the first time I got to meet precious little Calen. After a dead car, bad time management, and selling my table and chairs on craigs list, two hours before expected guests arrive, I finally pulled things together and was able to enjoy the little gathering. I absolutely loved having my house filled with friends.
Calen Lotspeich
July 2008
New mommy Amy, and me holding baby Calen. I have to say, that holding his tiny little body made me want another one. Aah, patience is not one of my virtues, I guess i'll have to work on that.
Mommy, this baby has toes also, their soft and squishy :)
A few little snacks and my new table

Monday, August 4, 2008

Water fun!

We discovered the fun of going to the Green Lake wading pool. Logan loves splashing around, and mommy enjoys sitting back and watching the fun... It's now our favorite Monday morning activity!
Look what I found mommy :) somebody left their rubber duckie...

With a duckie in one hand and a bucket in the other, life couldn't get much better...