Friday, June 29, 2012

A birthday song

Happy Birthday Daddy!
since we can't celebrate with you we wanted to send you a birthday song. We love you and hope you have as happy a day as you can without us :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

An afternoon at Lakeside

We've been in Seattle for a little over a week now and have really been enjoying our visit. Nana and Papa spent the week up at Lakeside bible camp for the the 50's plus camp, so we headed up on wed to spend the day visiting and stay for the delightful salmon bake. It was a beautiful day so the ferry ride was perfect, and we were able to enjoy all the outdoor camp activities. Logan's highlight was fishing off of the pier with Papa and playing in the giant sand box (volleyball court) with his new friends. Madeline enjoyed the playground and especially the extremely fast slides ;)
Being up at camp again and seeing how the kids loved it gave me the excitement of looking forward to being able to go as a family one day when we move back home. LBC holds such a special place in our hearts and I look forward to being able to get back involved with it someday.  

 Enjoying a beautiful ride to Whidbey Island
 checking out the front deck of the ferry
 What fun it was to see them in there possible future camp bunk :) Logan can't wait till he he can go to jr. boys camp.
 Papa and Logan with the first rainbow fish catch of the day
 The proud little fisherman
 a fun day includes feathers and fishing net
 The playground was a big hit, especially the slides :) the slides were slick so you had to be waiting at the bottom or she would keep flying after reaching the bottom.
 Having fun on the swings with Nana

Friday, June 15, 2012

Star Wars Pj's

Little boys can be so fun to dress:) especially when it come to fun jammies. I had seen these star wars pj's a while back but ended up buying them, when I got home and told Scott about them he just gave me a confused why not? look :) I didn't really want to spend $15 on jammies, but I  knew daddy would be happy to try and pass down the excitement for star wars to his little boy, so when I saw them on sale I snacked them up. When I gave them to Logan he said very very excitedly "Ooo!, dart vada peejamies :)"  
So since daddy is not here to see them in person, this is a picture to warm his far away heart :)

Logan, Madeline, and pappa

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A weekend with Aunt Becky

This past weekend Becky came down from DC to hang out, she just graduated with her masters and is now on her to to bigger and better things in Co.
We really enjoyed having here here and stayed pretty busy.
We went to the zoo, the pool, the local farmers market, did a little shopping down town, enjoyed lunch at a yummy small German bakery, went for a few runs, and did some fun projects with the kids.
Here are a few pictures of our fun times :)
a happy boy with a melted snow come, a grumpy moment, and smiles from auntie
 Happy girl in her stroller
 Madeline walked around with this on her neck most of the time
 He kicked all the way across the pool and back by himself, he's getting more brave!

 My sweet little boy loving the water
 I was so proud of his high jump
 Look mommy!!! isn't this great?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A smoothie morning

Life has been pretty full lately, things like managing the hot weather, kids, different schools Scott's been doing, and getting him ready for his trip  keeps a person busy. I can get pretty cranky with the heat but the kids have enjoyed the water table, sprinkler and pool. This week we have been on the down low with coughs and fevers. Last night about mid night I woke up to find a hot little body on either side of me. It was a long night, but Scott and I enjoyed rolling over and kissing their sweet little soft hot cheeks all night :)
Lately I have found smoothies to be the only way to get decent nutrients into my littlest picky eater. Logan enjoyed them too as long as he doesn't know what's in them. So with appetites low plus not feeling good it was definitely a smoothie morning.

Components of Smoothie:
all natural yogurt
spinach leaves
blueberries...(disguises the spinach with the purplish color :)
while organic milk
 Thing one
 Thing two
 And of course breakfast would not be complete for a tired mommy with out a morning cup of coffee while dreaming of my upcoming trip :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pony tails and toddler beds

Above is Madeline showing off her first pony tail. Her hair is just long enough to get the front and back hair pulled together, she was quite impressed with this new hair style.
And after looking at this picture I have to add, look at that arm muscle! quite impressive :)


We finally took the plunge and converted Madeline's crib to the toddler bed, she loves being able to get in and out during the day, but at night I'm having a little difficulty getting her to stay in. It's only been two nights so far, but in those nights she's woken up a few times and come walking out in the middle of the night, thus needing mommy to rock her back to sleep. I love rocking my girl and being able to cuddle with her, but I also like to get some sleep so I can function properly during the day.

The first night she would only lay down if she could lay on my lap or my arm, and last night she settled for just holding my hand, she's so sweet! I see that as a little improvement, we'll see what tonight holds. I'm glad to be getting this figured out while Scott is here to help. I can relax a bit more while spending so much time in Maddie's room when I know Logan is not alone in the living room, and that Scott can spend that time with him.

I was trying to hold off on buying a twin bed till after summer, but Madeline is a little longer than most two year olds, and she's already fallen out once that I know of and been laying halfway off the bed a few others. I would prefer her to not wake up due to falling on the floor, so we might be starting to look for a bed soon :) I have to say that I can't wait to have a big girl bed in her room! it'll look so adorable.